NexTrade360™ is the Barter Exchange Management Software done right!

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We had processed 40+ millions in trade transactions through the last two years, filed thousands of statements and tax forms and kept our clients happy. Switch to us to get peace of mind and we will help you take your exchange to the next level.

How is it different from the other barter software I have seen?

We have combined 20+ years of software development and barter industry experience, carefully planned features, test drove options, cleaned and streamlined every step to make each employee at your barter exchange a top performer, bringing you productivity gains and reducing your costs.

NexTrade360™ allows for the highest standards of accounting and inventory management, effortless online marketing and continuous engagement with members of your exchange.

Who is using it?

Barter Business Unlimited Metro Trading Association Barter Network Limited Saturn Barter
Trade Network, Inc. SabreTech Boomerang Colorado Currency & Corporate Barter Solutions

Who is behind it?

NexTrade360™ is a product of RedLeaf Software LLC- a seasoned web application and business software developer first introduced to the barter industry in 2006 through it's work for IMS.

How much does it cost?

NexTrade360™ is available as a monthly lease or license purchase. The cost of lease is based on the number of employees in your exchange and amount of trade volume members generate monthly. See the small business pricing for details. Please contact us for a license quote.

I want to see it in action!

We will conduct an online demo and answer all your questions on the phone. Fill out the information request form or call (888) 267-5007 to schedule a session.